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Posting Information
Business Type: Offer Services
Target Client: International Reactor Vendors �� EPC Contractor and Engineering Consulting vendors�� Law Firms / Insurance Firms ��Inspection Firms / Accounting Firms �� Management Consulting Firms ��Sotiware/Simulation Solution Vendor�� NSSS and Other Reactor Island Equipment Vendors ��Auxiliary Equipment suppliers �� Conventional Island Equipment Vendors �� Laboratories/ Foreign Technology Research Centers �� Nuclear Fuel Mining/ Recycling Technology Suppliers ��All the other vendors that are in bidding process
Heading: 5th India Nuclear New Build Congress 2019
Description: 5th India Nuclear New Build Congress 2019 The congress in Mumbai aims to bring together representatives from governments, regulators, utilities/operators, reactor vendors, EPCs, consultancies, nuclear fuel cycle companies, insurers, technology & service providers and other organizations to address cutting-edge issues and emerging trends which affect and even lead the Indian nuclear industry. It is a "must-attend" for anyone who wants to stay current and on top of industry trends and developments. Meanwhile, for those who are keen to find new investment opportunities or strengthen their presence in India, our two-day event will also provide a cozy platform to meet your future partners..

What��s NEW for 2019
♦ Moniter progress of key projects in India: Kalpakam (FBR), Gorakhpur 1 & 2, Kaiga 5&6, kudankulam 5&6, Jaitapur, Kovvada
♦ Discuss full Nuclear Fuel Cycle: from uranium import to waste management
♦ Grasp New Opportuni􀆟es in ��Make in India�� Programme of Localised Manufacturing
♦ Highlight India��s Ambi􀆟on to Export NPPs to Bangladesh
Quantity: 1
Unit Price: USD2385
Payment Terms: TT/CC

Contact Details
Company Name: SZ&W Group
Contact Person: Vivien Miao
Job Title: Marketing Manager
Address: 11F, Garden Business Building , No 82 Zhongshan North 1st Road
Postal Code: 200083
Country/Territory: China
Tel No: +86 021 5830 0710-8096
Fax No: +86 021 5831 1668
Nature of Business: Conference Organizer

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