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Business Type: Offer Services
Target Client: Worldwide Buyers
Heading: A Demonstration of The Whole Intelligent Manufacturing Process of A Boutique Box On Printing South China and Sino-Label
Description: "One piece of paper goes in, one book goes out" is a routine operation in the fields of books and commercial printing. However, it is very rare that "a piece of paper goes in, a box of fine products comes out", especially for the intelligent production line in China exhibition.
In traditional boutique box production, processes include pre-press, paper sorting, digital printing, laminating, post-press enhancement, die-cutting and bronzing, carton forming and logistics. As these processes are independent from each other, huge losses are generated between multiple transfers and linkages. That is one of the bottlenecks encountered by printing and packaging companies in improving quality and efficiency.
In Printing South China and Sino-Label 2022, a new intelligent production line demonstration area will be launched, presenting "a boutique box produced by fully intelligent manufacturing process".

Smart Factory Demonstrating Printing Industry 4.0 at the Expo
The exhibition will be held on 4-6 March 2022 at China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, PR China. In Hall 2.1, the Smart Factory demonstration area will be displayed at booth no. 2501, showing the production process from ERP orders to automatic imposition, printing, post-printing, and then to a boutique gift box. It also demonstrates the intelligence of the printing factory throughout the processes and realizes the equipment and technology requirements for a smart factory, allowing the visitors to experience the printing industry 4.0.

Eight Well-known Equipment Manufacturers and Software Suppliers Jointly Perform
Eight Highlights that You Cannot Miss
Shanghai Jinjing Automatic Paper-pile Turning Machine, Konica Minolta KM1 Digital Printing Machine, Wenzhou Yongshun Laminating Machine, Konica Minolta Post-press Equipment, Yutian Chumbro Die-cutting Machine and Zhejiang Zhengrun Fully Automatic Rigid Box Maker Machine will jointly demonstrate the production process.
Hybridsoftware Hybrid Automatic Pre-press Processing System completes document specification and imposition;
Zhejiang Yiyin Network Technology Co., Ltd. takes on system integration. Business management information flow and production operation data flow will be integrated by ERP, APS and MES system, realizing real-time interconnection of production equipment data, quality inspection data and cloud computing. The production process is transparent, digitalized, and visualized.
Shenzhen Creative Visual Intelligence is responsible for visual quality inspection and AGV automatic material transportation.

Highlight 1:Pre-print Automation
Pre-press specification is the key to control the source quality. Hybridsoftware Hybrid pre-press digital process is connected with Zhejiang Yiyin ERP to realize automatic file loading, pre-checking, imposition of electronic files, generating of die-cut files and 8BIT-TIFF for printing. Documents are automatically transferred to the printing press.
Hybridsoftware Hybrid's Cloud Flow, "Packz" and a variety of integrated products can provide unique advantages for customers including integrated native PDF workflow, exclusive solutions based on manufacturer standards, modular technology, and low cost.

Highlight 2:Smart Planning Schedule (APS+MES Integration)
APS is the core process of the smart factory. All production instructions are issued by APS and passed to the job station and equipment through the MES system. Then the MES system provides the production process feedbacks to APS in real-time, and APS corrects deviations.

Highlight 3:Leading Intelligent Production Equipment
In this demonstration area, all the participated equipment has the characteristics of automation and intelligence, representing the leading level in the manufacturing equipment field:
1) Konica Minolta KM1 Digital Printing Machine:
The latest industrial inkjet single-sheet digital printer can reach up to 750*585mm, equipped with flexible imposition, saving time and paper and containing automatic double-sided printing which saves labor costs.
2) Konica Minolta MGI Post-press Equipment:
The world's top post-press equipment MGI provides hot stamping technology. With higher surface gloss, it achieves 2D and 3D UV effects and has a variable data processing module.
3) Shanghai Jinjing Automatic Paper-pile Turning Machine:
The machine can finish rollover, paper-pile aligning, and dust removal with fast drying and pallet-centered function.
4) Wenzhou Yongshun Laminating Machine:
The machine is equipped with gantry-type feeding pre-stack paper. Its electrostatic powder can equipped with a digital inkjet platform, drying roller electromagnetic heating and heat thermal oil heating temperature that makes the film to be more uniform.
5) Yutian Chumbro Die-cutting, Embossing, Foil Stamping Machine:
Its maximum pressure is 600 tons. It is not only applied to embossing but also suitable for foil stamping, large broadsheet shot stamping and foil stamping.
6) Shenzhen Creative Visual Intelligence AGV Automatic Navigation And Handling System:
It can automatically load and unload the materials without manual operation to save labor costs and provide a new way to imitate manual navigation with high positioning accuracy.
7) Shenzhen Creative Visual Intelligence Non-standard Testing Equipment:
In addition to the detection of carton forming, it can also be flexibly installed in any process such as die-cutting, laminating, and printing.
8) Zhejiang Zhengrun Fully Automatic Rigid Box Maker Machine:
It adopts Yamaha manipulator and three cameras with high image positioning accuracy. Four intelligent systems, non-stop plate feeding, bubble pressure function, digital mold adjustment, and automatic memory storage are also applied in the machine.

Highlight 4:Intelligent Visual Recognition Detection Suitable for Various Processes
Through VI visual recognition technology, the quality of each product is detected in real-time, and the data is fed back to the quality management module of the MES system.

Highlight 5:AGV Automatic Navigation and Handling System
The AGV automatic navigation handling system is an important application to improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs. In addition to point-to-point handling, this demonstration also realizes automatic loading and unloading of the materials.

Highlight 6:Software and Hardware System Integration, Device Interconnection, Cloud Computing
Interconnection and cloud computing are the important characteristics of a smart factory. The production equipment, testing equipment and AGV handling equipment displayed in the demonstration area are all connected to the MES system through the Internet of Things(IoT) technology, which can feedback production process data in real-time by the dynamic display at the electronic signage system and mobile phone.

Highlight 7:Paperless Management, Data-driven Production
APS production instructions are directly transmitted to the job station and equipment through the network, and then the equipment provides data feedback to the MES and APS to realize the data-driven production and correct the plan.

Highlight 8:Automatic Data Collector
The intelligent data collectors and electronic access control are placed in the job station to realize automatic and non-inductive data collection and reduce manual operations by using new generation intelligent technologies such as RFID and 5G.

Upgrade And Transformation To New Informative Technologies � IoT, 5G, Big Data, AI
Smart Factory (2.1 Hall) not only has a centralized display area of leading and innovative printing and packaging intelligent technology, but also a new generation of information technology such as the Internet of Things(IoT), 5G, big data, and artificial intelligence(AI). Through the demonstration of the whole process of packaging manufacturing, the expo effectively realizes packaging and printing companies to transform into smart manufacturing, improve production efficiency and quality, and reduce manufacturing costs.
Printing South China will be held concurrently with Sino-Label, Sino-Pack, and PACKINNO covering the entire production chain of printing, labeling, packaging and packaging products. It provides practical and innovative packaging printing solutions for enterprises. Let�s join the grand event of the printing and packaging industry on 4-6 March 2022 in Guangzhou.

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Company Name: Adsale
Contact Person: Joey Chiu
Address: 6/f, 321 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong
Country/Territory: Hong Kong
Tel No: 28118897
Nature of Business: Exhibition Organizer

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