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Business Type: Offer Services
Target Client: Interested Parties
Heading: The 3rd Asia Digital Talent Summit 2022
Description: [Background]
The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the process of digital transformation of enterprises and spawned the vigorous development of the digital economy, the Asia-Pacific region has stepped into digital age. With the acceleration of digitalization in the region, the demand for digital talents is also rising. According to reports, the number of global digital jobs will increase from 51 million in 2021 to 190 million in 2025, and the Asia-Pacific region will face a shortage of 47 million digital talents by 2030.

The 3rd Asia Digital Talent International Summit 2022 will focus on the Asian talent market, combine case sharing, and conduct in-depth discussions on hot topics such as digital upskilling and reskilling, digital talent cultivation and development, digital talent recruitment, digital capability models, and digital leadership. It aims to build core competitiveness for enterprises and facilitate them to win the talent war in the digital age.

[Summit Time/ Address]
September 5-6,2022/ Singapore

20 + Industry-leading enterprise intelligence sharing
100 + Participants
On-site networking with industry leaders and leading-edge enterprises
Best case studies of supply chain for resilience, agility and sustainability in Asia

[Hot topics]
2022 Talent Trend in Asia
Digital Capability Model for Next Generation Talent
Winning in the Digitization Race - Building Up a Digital Talent Strategy
The Strategy Roadmap of Digital Talent for Industrial Manufacturing
Digital Leadership: The Key to Digital Transformation
Bridging Digital Skills Gap with Immersive Learning Platform
Panel Discussion: What Can Organizations Do to Narrow the Digital Talent Gap?
Glancing at Lighthouse Factory: How to Build Digital Skills and Knowledge to Enable Employees to Work Effectively in the New and Digital Environment
Talent Upgrade and Transition Under the Background of Automotive ´┐ŻNew Four Modernizations´┐Ż
Best Practice: How to Improve Talents Digital Capability to Meet the New Demand of Digital Transformation
Talent Attraction and Retain in the Digital Age
Intelligent Talent Management System Enable Your Organization
Wining in the VUCA Age---Cracking the Culture Code for Successful Digital Transformation

Contact Details
Company Name: ECVinternational
Contact Person: Wes Wei
Job Title: Director
Address: Singapore
Country/Territory: Singapore
Tel No: +86 21 8026 0707-803
Nature of Business: Summit Organizer

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