Product Company
Lomak Ind'l Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Products: Lantern And Flashlight.
Lon Tai Shing Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Products: LED Lighting, Magnifier Lighting, Functional Light.
Longview Electrical Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Products: Energy Saving Lamp, Halogen Lamp, Switch, Socket, Plug & Lamp Holder, etc.
Longwell Metal Products Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Products: Metal Table, Wall, Floor Lamps, Especially in Lighting for Christmas, Decoration and Entertainment Use.
Lord Benex Int'l Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Products: Residential Lighting, LED Torch.
Loyal Lighting Co., Ltd. (China)
Products: Energy Saving Lamp, Ceiling Lamp, Ballast, Fluorescent, LED Project Lighting.
Lucky Tiffany Lamps Fty. (China)
Products: Tiffany Lamps.
Luen Yick Electrical Mfg. Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Products: Electronic and Lighting Products.
Luking Opto-Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. (China)
Products: LED Lighting, LED Light Panel, Crystal Light Box.
Lumi Harvest Industries Ltd. (China)
Products: Florescent Fixtures, Homelights, LED Lamps, Commercial Lighting.
Lumicom Co., Ltd. (Korea)
Products: LED Lighting.
Luxram Lighting Ltd. (China)
Products: Bulb, CFL, Halogen Lamp, Tube HZDs.
LUXX Light Technology (HK) Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Products: LED & CCFL Lighting, Lighting Accessory.
Mainhouse Electronics Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Products: Energy Saving Lamp, Electronics Ballast.
Malmbergs Asia Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Products: Commercial Lighting, Industrial Lighting and Architectural Lighting for Indoor and Outdoor Purposes.
Mamiel Co., Ltd. (Korea)
Products: LED Disk Lamp, OEM & ODM Business.
Masterwin Group Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Products: Technical Lighting & Commercial Lighting, Such as LED & Induction Lamp, Floodlight, Office Lighting, Crystal Light, Energy Saving Lamp and LED Light.
Masterwise International Limited (Hong Kong)
Products: LED Bicycle Light, Battery Operated Lantern, LED Gadgets.
Matchstick HK Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Products: Illuminated Branding, LED Lighting Panel, LED Signage, LED Displays, LED Strips, RGB Panel Lighting, Guidance Signs.
Matsushima Electric (H.K.) Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Products: Induction Lamp & Energy Saving Camp, Halogen Lamps LED Light.
Max-unite Co., Ltd. (China)
Products: Mini Lacer Star, Laser Lamp etc.
Mean Well Enterprises Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Products: AC/DC Switching Power Supply, LED Power Supply.
Meanled Lighting Co. Ltd. (China)
Products: 3D Pixel Light & LED Products.
Megaman (UK) Ltd. (U.K.)
Products: Energy Saving Lamps & Fixtures.
Meko Electronics (HK) Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Products: LED Lamps, LED Strip, LED Bulb, LED Spotlight, LED Downlight, LED Indoor / Outdoor Light.
Mi Li Optoelectronics Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Products: LED Table Lamp. It is Elegant Design, Fashionable Shape, Energy Saving.
MicroBase Technology Corp. (Taiwan)
Products: LED Street Light Cooling Solution, Thermal Management, Laser Micro Machining, Mist Sprayer.
Microcosm Systems Corp. (Taiwan)
Products: LED Light, Downlight, Architectural Lighting, Undergound Lamp.
Mide Lighting Co. Ltd. (China)
Products: Chandelier, LED Lamp, Table Lamp, Home Decoration.
Milestone System Limited (Hong Kong)
Products: A Good Variety of LED Lighting.
Minar Illumination Electronic Ltd. (China)
Products: Plastic Fiber Optic, Illuminator for Fiber Optic, High Power LED Light, Wall Washer, Flood Light, Water Lights and Other Lighting Accessories.
Ming Lake Enterprises Co. Ltd. (Taiwan)
Products: Desk Lamp, Floor Lamp, Ceiling Lamp, Wall Lamp, Pendant.
Ming Star Lighting Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Products: LED Lighting, Home Lighting.
Ming Wang Lighting Factory (China)
Products: Pendant Lamp, Ceiling Lamp, Wall Lamp, Table Lamp, Floor Lamp.
Minqing Mcwong Ceramic & Electonics Co., Ltd. (China)
Products: Porcelain Lamp Holder.
Moksan Electronics Co., Ltd. (Korea)
Products: LED Bulb of ESPACIO, LED Fluorescent Lamp of VENUS, High Power LED of EZ Power Series.
Moore Technology (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Products: LED Glass Tube.
Morelight Hardware & Electrical (Huzhou) (Taiwan)
Products: Energy Saving Fixtures.
Moslink Electronic Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Products: LED Light Up Items, LED Carabiner, Flashlight, Sound Sensor.
Muller-Licht Ltd. (Germany)
Products: Energy Saving Lamps, Halogen Lamps, LED Lamps.
Multi-Tech (HK) Industrial Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Products: Ceiling Down Lights, Wall Lamps, LED, Spot Lights, Track Lights and Pendant Light.
Mustar Lighting Corporation (Taiwan)
Products: LED Lighting.
Mylar Electronics Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Products: Electronic Ballasts, LED Lighting Fixtures.
Nan Hui Lighting and Electric Appliances Factory (China)
Products: Pendant Lamp, Wall Lamp, Table Lamp, Floor Lamp, Ceiling Lamp.
Nanjing Chunhui Science and Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. (China)
Products: Glass Optical Fibers, Plastic Optical Fibers, Optical Fiber Illumination.
Nantong Rightlite Lighting & Electrical Co., Ltd. (China)
Products: Halogen Lamps Series, Special Lamps, LED Lamps, High Pressure Mercury Lamps, High Pressure Sodium Lamps.
Nantong Zhongrun Lighting Ele. Co., Ltd. (China)
Products: Halogen Lamps, Bulbs, LED Light Source, Auto-Lamps, Halogen Heater.
Neon King Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Products: Decorative Lighting System, Christmas Light, Outdoor Light, Garden Light.
Neonlite Electronic & Lighting (HK) Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Products: Energy Saving Lamps and Fixtures, Electronic Ballast, LED.
New Glory Lighting Ningbo Limited (China)
Products: Outdoor & Indoor Lighting, Seasonal Lighting Decoration.
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