Product Company
Purelands Corporation Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Products: High Quality LED Tube Light, Down Light, Spot Light, Feature Light, Outdoor Light.
Puyuan Electronic Illumination Co. Ltd. (China)
Products: Waterproof Down Light, LED Underground Light, Garden Spot Light, Wall Light, Deck Light, LED Underwater Light, LED Wall Washer Light, Window Light, Handrail Light.
Qiaohua (Guangzhou) Electronic Co., Ltd. (China)
Products: Disco Light, Strobe Light, Flash Light.
Qicheng Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. (China)
Products: Photoelectric Control, Miniature Circuit Breaker, A/C Contractor, Connector Switch.
QL Light Co. Ltd. (Taiwan)
Products: Normal Strips, Popular Strips Series, Special Strips Series, Light Bar & Module and Accessories.
Ramtronics Industrial Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Products: LED Strip Light, LED Down Light, LED Spot Light.
Ray Mountain Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Products: LED Lighting Products, LED Lamps, LED Spotlight, LED Solar Light, LED Recessed / Down Light, LED Modules.
Rayconn Electronics Co. Ltd. (China)
Products: Altrack Lighting System, FLOWIT Lighting System, Track Mounted, Ceiling Surface, Suspension, Modular System and more.
Sam Sun Development (HK) Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Products: Illuminating LED Lamps.
Samcom Electronics Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
Products: Emergency & Exit Light, Electronic Ballast, CCFL, LED Lamp.
SamsanTek Electric Corporation (China)
Products: Slim Panel, Back Light Panel, Frame Panel, Small Panel, Down Light, Batten Light, Accessories for Panel.
Sanwall Lighting Products Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Products: Track Lighting For Halogen Lamp Undercable Lighting.
Sensortec Co., Ltd. (Korea)
Products: Ultrasonic Sensors for Energy Saving.
Shanghai Bright Hai-Qing Glass Industries Co., Ltd. (China)
Products: Lighting Components.
Shanghai Dais Electric Co. Ltd. (China)
Products: Full Light, Side Light, Four Tube, Six Tube, Starbean, Grow Light, Reflector, Night Light and more.
Shanghai Euchips Industrial Co., Ltd. (China)
Products: LED Controller, RGB Controller, DMX512 Controller, LED Light, LED High Power Light, Wall Washer.
Shanghai Jinzhao Lighting Design Engineering Co., Ltd. (China)
Products: Outdoor Lighting, Underground Lighting, Underwater Lighting, Wall and Lawn Lighting.
Shanghai RECO Lighting Manufacture Co. Ltd. (China)
Products: LED Downlight,LED Track Light, LED Flood Light, LED Linear Light, LED surface Mounting Downlight, LED Inground Light and more.
Shantou Brightsun Industrial Co. Ltd. (China)
Products: Kids Lamp, Reading Lamp, Night Lamp and Emotion Lamp.
Shaoxing Lumiman Electronic Co. Ltd. (China)
Products: LED Tubes Specialist, LED Manufacturing and Development.
Sheenly Lighting Co. Limited (China)
Products: LED Bay Light, LED Weather-proof Light, LED Panel Light, LED Linear Light,Classic Down Light, Ultra-Slim Downlight and more.
Shengyih Technologies Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Products: LED Bulb, LED Tube, Down Light, Flood Light.
Shengzhou Lighting Product Co., Ltd. (China)
Products: Fluorescent Lamp, Electronic Wall Lamp, Fluorescent Light Fitting, Electronic Ballast.
Shenzhen Ace Opto Co. Ltd. (China)
Products: LED Strip Power Supply Controller, Led Controller, Led Neon.
Shenzhen Bright Technology Industrial Limited (China)
Products: LED Strip, Neon LED Strip, Grow Light, LED Linear Light, UVC LED Light, Wall Wash Light.
Shenzhen CGD Lights Industrial Co., Ltd. (China)
Products: Spot Light, Down Light, Ceiling Light, Pendant Light, Wall Light.
Shenzhen Cheng Guang Xing Industrial Development Co., Ltd. (China)
Products: LED Strips, LED Tube, LED Spotlight, LED Bulb Lights, LED Module.
Shenzhen Clear Illuminating Technology Co., Ltd. (China)
Products: LED Decorative Light for Outdoor and Indoor.
Shenzhen Coolight Opt-Ele Co. Ltd. (China)
Products: COB LED Strip, Neon LED Strip, Waterproof LED Strip, Constant Current LED Strip and more.
Shenzhen DNP Technology Development Ltd. (China)
Products: Torch Cap Lamp, Lighting (LED).
Shenzhen Encore Optoelectronic Technology Co. Ltd. (China)
Products: Track Light, Strip Light, Linear Light, Surface Mounted, Pendant Luminaires, Track System and more.
Shenzhen Esun LED Co. Ltd. (China)
Products: Smart Fairy Light, Smart CCT Downlight, Smart Light Switch, Light Sensor Switch, Light Touch Dimmer and more.
Shenzhen Fahold Electronic Co. Ltd. (China)
Products: LED Drivers, Road Lighting, Horticulture Lighting, Industrial Lighting, Landscape Lighting.
Shenzhen FYT Led Co. Ltd. (China)
Products: Indoor Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, LED Grow Light.
Shenzhen Gleming Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd. (China)
Products: Everline Linear Lights, Realine Trunking, Gevian, Grammy, Mirror, Moon, Cube, Waterfall and more.
Shenzhen GuoYing Optoelectronics Co. Ltd. (China)
Products: LED Strip Light, LED Panel Light, LED Linear Luminaire, Aluminum Profile, Accessory.
Shenzhen Hope Sea Lighting Technology Co. Ltd. (China)
Products: LED Outdoor Light, LED Indoor Light, Intelligent Lighting.
Shenzhen Hua Zeng Technology Co. Ltd. (China)
Products: Disco Lighting, LED Eye Lamps Series.
Shenzhen Huacai Opto-electronics Co. Ltd. (China)
Products: LED Strip.
Shenzhen Jiawei Photovoltaic Lighting Co. Ltd. (China)
Products: Solar Lights, LED Lights, LED Panel Light.
Shenzhen Ledyi Lighting Co. Ltd. (China)
Products: LED Strip, Neon Flex, Modular Linear Bar, Skyline Linear Light, Dotless LED Line, Wall Washer & Accessories.
Shenzhen Light Venus Electronics Factory (China)
Products: LED Glass, LED Ice Bucket, LED Night Light.
Shenzhen Long Sun Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd. (China)
Products: Grow Light, UFO High Bay, Slim High Bay, Area Light, Street Light, Wall Pack and more.
Shenzhen Minglight Co. Ltd. (China)
Products: LED Packing Lot Light, LED Wall Pack Light, LED High Bay Light, LED Stadium Light, LED Flood Light, LED Canopy Light and more.
Shenzhen Newlight Industrial Co. Ltd. (China)
Products: LED Writing Tablet, LED Tracing Board, LED Writing Board, LED Furnitures, Liquid Chalk Marker, 3D Magic Drawing Pad.
Shenzhen Nibbe Technology Co., Ltd. (China)
Products: LED Street Light, LED Bulb Auto Lamp, LED Traffic Light, LED Explosion-Proof Light, LED Port Light, LED Spot Light, LED Desk Lamp.
Shenzhen Okt Lighting Co. Ltd. (China)
Products: LED Retrofit Downlight, LED Downlight, LED Tube Light, UL, DLC and more.
Shenzhen Publise Technology Co. Ltd, (China)
Products: LED Spotlight, LED Light Bulb, Candle Bulb, Flame Bulb, LED Tube Light, Tube Light, LED Flexible Strip Light.
Shenzhen Pulnda Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. (China)
Products: Floor Lamp, Desk Lamp, Wi-Fi Smart Plug, Night Light.
Shenzhen Qinli Photoelectric Co. Ltd. (China)
Products: LED Pixel Light, LED Point Light, LED Panel Light, LED Linear Light, LED Flood Light, LED Ramp Light and more.
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